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Fully Funded Awards & Scholarships at University of Manitoba, Canada- 2018/2019

Award letters are now available online. To improve access and communication, award recipients will now receive an email notification when their award letter is available online.  Students are able to access their award letter on all platforms (i.e. computer, tablet, mobile) and can also print out their own copy of the award letter.

The University of Manitoba rewards academic excellence with an exciting program of entrance scholarships for recent high school graduates and a wide range of awards for current students who excel within their faculties.

Please note: Financial Aid & Awards will no longer be mailing out award notification letters to students, and email notifications will only be sent out to university email accounts.

In 2016/17, more than 1700 1st-year students received entrance scholarships totalling over $2.7 million, while 2nd year and senior students received more than $6 million of scholarship and award funding. When this is combined with $340,000 in athletic scholarshi…